Buy into Open Compute Infrastructure

For more than a decade, large hyperscalers such as Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft have set the standard for deploying the most efficient datacenters. The details of how these hyperscalers achieved these efficiencies were kept secret for many years. It was only until 2011, when Facebook decided to open up on how and what they were using in their datacenters by developing the Open Compute Project which was co-founded together with Rackspace, Goldman Sachs and Intel.

Today the Open Compute Project consist of thousands of members, and the highly innovative and open infrastructure is being adopted by many organizations, previously confined to use of legacy infrastructure.

Open Compute provides a holistic approach on the datacenter and its infrastructure. While legacy infrastructure is often designed on a point solution basis and can hardly considered innovative, while using proprietary vendor specific technology (such as board management control software or proprietary network protocols) to lock in their customers, open compute infrastructure is truly different.

Efficiency, Tool-less design, Openness, Impact

Within Open Compute Infrastructure all that is designed needs to meet certain design principles such as efficiency, flexibility, scalability and environmental sustainability. The OCP incubation committee considers design contributions and takes interoperability on a component-, product-, rack- and even datacenter level into account when it validates the designs.

The innovation drive within the OCP community is at a far greater pace, than the legacy market players and with the expected growth of the OCP community, innovation is only expected to speed up even more. It is fair to say that customers that decide to buy into open compute infrastructure, also strategically buy into rapid innovation.

We believe the 21″ OCP standard is the most innovative and revolutionary open standard for hardware available today, this is why we promote the adoption of this standard.

Circle B is Silver Member and Solution Provider of the Open Compute Project.