Run all your existing workloads with lower costs and greater control.

Why replace legacy data center hardware with OCP?

20% TCO savings

Faster and easier to maintain

Fully open source

35% more energy efficient

Rapid scalability

More sustainable

Total control at every level

No vendor lock-in

Modular, toolless and flexible

Now, OCP hardware is available to your organization

OCP hardware was developed for hyperscalers like Facebook, Intel, and Rackspace. It has already been adopted by non-board hyperscalers and Tier 2 cloud providers like IBM and Oracle. These organizations save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually through reduced energy costs.

What is OCP?  

In 2009, Facebook was growing exponentially, allowing millions of users to share media. The platform required massive storage and compute, and needed to rethink its infrastructure to keep pace with demand and control costs.

Facebook decided to design a data center to deliver three things: mass storage and compute, near-instant scalability, and greater efficiency. Over two years, engineers designed and built that data center from scratch: software, servers, power supplies, racks, and cooling.

How Does OCP Hardware Work? 

21” racks allow more room for cables, simplify maintenance, and improve airflow.

White space design promotes airflow and reduces heat, cutting energy costs and extending hardware lifespan.

OCP hardware is designed to minimize heat and promote efficiency.

Modular hardware construction makes it easy to organize racks for maximum efficiency.

Power and BUS are built into the rack. Modules slot straight in with no cables required.

All modules are maintained from the front. Even CPUs can be replaced in under 3 minutes.

OCP Hardware is…  

More Efficient

On average, OCP racks are 35% more energy efficient than traditional 19”. Even on a small scale, this enables large cost savings.

Lower cost

OCP hardware TCO is around 20% lower than traditional 19”. Even small operations can realize savings within year one.

Faster to scale

OCP’s open source nature, modular hardware, and ease of setup and maintenance make it ideal for rapid deployment at scale.

Not locked to any vendor

Unlike traditional server hardware, OCP server owners aren’t ‘locked in’ to buying specific brands for HDDs and other peripherals.

Fully open source

OCP hardware schematics and firmware are completely open source. This allows total control of every aspect of the rack.

More sustainable

Lower energy requirements mean a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Easier to maintain

OCP’s modular, toolless approach makes maintenance fast and easy. Technicians can replace any component in under three minutes and maintain a higher number of OCP servers than traditional 19”.

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Circle B Brings Hyperscale Hardware to Europe

OCP is not new. Hyperscalers like Facebook and Google have used it for a decade. However, other enterprises struggle to source OCP equipment due to poor distribution channels and awareness.

Menno Kortekaas incorporated Circle B in 2017 to solve this problem. He had worked with OCP hardware used by Rackspace and saw an opportunity to help European enterprises achieve the same cost and control benefits enjoyed by hyperscalers.

In 2019, Circle B joined Taurus Group, Europe’s leading IT distribution provider. Now, the latest OCP hardware is available to buy, rent or lease operationally by any enterprise in Europe.

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See Your Workloads in Action on OCP

OCP hardware can run all of your existing workloads. Remotely, you’ll notice just two differences between OCP and traditional 19” hardware: Lower costs and more control.
However, seeing is believing. That’s why Circle B set up the OCP Experience Center with Rittal and maincubes. Based in Amsterdam, the Experience Center allows customers to test and verify their workloads on OCP hardware, both remotely and in person.

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