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Circle B, established in 2012, is at the forefront of transforming data centers through open and high-performance solutions. Our mission is to empower enterprises with next-generation technology, free from vendor lock-ins, to enhance data center performance and efficiency.

What We Do: Design and deploy revolutionary IT infrastructures

At Circle B, we specialize in the design, configuration, delivery, and support of open (OCP) and high-performance data center infrastructures. By leveraging innovative technologies in compute, networking, and storage, we provide data center solutions that accelerate performance, maximize interoperability, simplify management, scale seamlessly, and reduce total cost of ownership.

With our deep understanding of it infrastructures, sustainability, and disruptive technology, we offer impartial, honest, and tailored advice to help clients consolidate hardware and optimize performance.


The result is optimized performance, scalable infrastructure, reduced costs, and a competitive advantage.



A Commitment to Value: Achieving more with less

At Circle B, we are passionate advocates of open infrastructure, firmly believing that a software-centric approach is the future of data centers. These values shape our corporate ideology and guide our alliances and objectives.

Our promise is simple: we deliver IT infrastructure solutions that not only improve performance but also simplify management, all at a lower cost. As your trusted technology partner, we ensure our solutions align perfectly with your business needs, regardless of its size, and continue to adapt as you evolve. 


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