Working at Circle B?

Because it’s people before processes

Why Circle B  

Circle B’s mission is to foster and promote open hardware and software technologies that enable current and future customers to enjoy the maximum benefits. 

At Circle B we believe our success depends on the decisiveness of our people. They are of immeasurable value. Without them, we would have no business. This is why we amply invest in our people so that everyone can bring out the best in themselves. The current team is small; however, it is young and energetic with big ambitions. We are looking for new colleagues to help the company grow during the “scale-up phase”. Does this speak to you? Then apply for one of our job openings.

Integrity. Client focus. Excellence. Teamwork

Bring back the best in you at Circle B 

The way we offer a compass to our customers in their digital transformation, is also how we offer you a compass in your personal development. 

What to expect:

  • Good location: Parking close to entrance
  • Informal, social and fun team to work with and share knowledge
  • Flexibility in planning your work. It’s not about control; it’s about the execution and the result
  • The freedom to optimize processes.
  • An appropriate salary, depending on your knowledge and experience within the domain.

      Our managed solution based on the OpenShift Container platform runs scalable microservices like web servers, databases, and Java applications, so you get:

      Faster application development & delivery.

      Easy horizontal scaling with new racks.

      Out-of-the-box security at every layer.

      Reliability & redundancy at all levels.

      Boot with FIPS compliant encryption.

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      At Circle B, we have years of experience helping enterprises like yours design, implement, and maintain the latest OCP infrastructure.
      If you have questions about our solutions, managed services, or OCP in general, get in touch today to speak with one of our experts.

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