Solid cloud infrastructure by Circle B

Disruptive nature of clouds

Cloud has evolved from a disruption to an expected approach for traditional as well as next-generation IT. It is becoming a vehicle for much of what is described as the future of IT, such as digital business platforms, e-commerce companies or new business models that are based on deep learning technologies and leverage data driven Internet of things technologies. These businesses all rely on a solid cloud infrastructure. At Circle B we often challenge ourselves by being thought provoking – what if we can provide a catalyst of a new disruption?

As a vehicle for next-generation technologies, cloud computing is disruptive by nature. The infrastructure technology foundations of these clouds however have lagged behind when it boils down to their disruptive nature. We believe the requirements that fuel a new phase into of the cloud should be one that is economical viable, energy efficient, provides increased operational flexibility and is open by nature and supports software driven ecosystem without compromise.

Benefits of Open Compute Project

As we see Cloud Service providers are making moves into technologies such as containerization and micro-services changes occur in the cloud architectures. The role of open-source approaches is increasing, as cloud providers continue to use potentially disruptive approaches and open source as tools to their competitive advantage. Such is not only limited to the software level. More and more cloud providers realize they can gain a lot by opening up the IT infrastructures that build their cloud foundation. In fact we see more and more customers moving workloads from a public cloud environment to their own private cloud infrastructure based on open compute infrastructure and realized significant cost savings. While a cloud providers on their turn can take an competitive advantage by reaping all benefits that open infrastructures have to offer. Want to know if such move could make sense for your organization? Want to rethink your status quo? We are happy to explore the possibilities.

Using orchestration software such as OpenStack on top of Open Compute Project standard Compute, Storage and Networking hardware allows companies with their own private cloud to compete against the public cloud. With even increased performance from the bare metal and lower cost of operating.

Datacenter Scale

If you operate at large scale, you probably face the same challenges as the big hyper-scalers. OCP allows you to scale your operation beyond limitations.