Cumulus Networks

Software Defined Networking (SDN) vendor Cumulus Networks offers the full-featured Cumulus Linux open network operating system for bare metal switches. Features include OSPF, BGP, VXLAN, bonding or CLAG/MLAG with LACP and zero touch provisioning using Ansible, Chef and Puppet.

Additional Cumulus Networks products include NetQ, Host Pack and Cumulus Express.

Cumulus Linux

Cumulus Networks is bringing web-scale networking to enterprise cloud with a Network Operating System that is built for automation and scalability.

Host Pack

Host Pack optimizes visibility and connectivity into Cumulus Linux network fabric from end to end with the same language and the same tooling using the Linux networking model. Host Pack ensures real-time reliability and uptime to the container by leveraging NetQ to enhance visibility of the host.


a telemetry-based fabric validation system that ensures the network is behaving as intended.

Cumulus Express

your turnkey solution with open networking hardware & software all in one.