Technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Opportunities of deep learning

Few technologies today are more impactful or transformative than artificial intelligence (AI). Democratized by deep learning and accelerated by GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). AI is becoming part of every industry and discipline. When it comes to advances in AI and deep learning Europe is leading the way. This technology relies on simulating large, multilayered webs of virtual neurons, which enable a computer to learn to recognize abstract patterns (somewhat similar to the way a human brain operates). It can be used to solve any general-purpose pattern-recognition problem, which means that any activity that has access to large amounts of data can find it useful.

Deep learning leverages other technologies to become more powerful: the volume of data available due to the proliferation of online services, improvements in storage, advancements in GPU technology and computing power, abundance of cloud computing capacity, development of affordable sensors, and the rise of new data generated by the Internet of Things. As a result deep learning has opportunities to solve challenges across all types of industries.

Building deep learning capabilities into products

Hyperscalers such as Facebook and Google are investing heavily in building deep learning capabilities into their products. As community members of the Open Compute Project they are not solely pushing this technology for internal use – by opening up the technology they are advancing the entire industry. Circle B provides companies the latest GPU hardware platforms, used by hyperscalers, in order for them to grasp the value provided by this technology into new product and business models. Based on Open Compute infrastructure, these platforms provides the most efficient compute technology on the market today, balancing complexity, energy consumption, space and cost against demands of compute intensive applications such as deep learning.