Eclipse Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platform

In control of every operation

The Eclipse Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform was launched at maincubes AMS01 data center, the home of the European Open Compute Project (OCP) Experience Center. We have OCP Ready rooms available to house your infrastructure including full support by Circle B staff. Whether it be in a shared room or your own private room. We offer remote-hands service and other on-site services such as connectivity on Dark Fiber, Layer 2 circuits, IP Transit and ¼ rack space in the carrier room. Taking away all DC site requirement and support challenges from the customers side. Your built-to-order Eclipse infrastructure is also available on a monthly payment term with long term commitment.

See the video on the right for an example of what your Ready for OCP room could look like.

  • Dark Fiber (Afiber, Eurofiber, Relined, etc…) for dedicated links.
  • Protected 100G transport and DWDM to Nikhef.
  • Layer 2 transport (DC Spine, i4networks), easy connectivity of 1-10G to approx. 75+ DC’s.
  • IP Transit (also with your IPs).
  • ¼ rack colocation in carrier room (for DWDM, firewall, VPN, etc..).