Circle B for Enterprise Cloud

Build resilient, scalable cloud instances while reducing TCO for your enterprise.

Hybrid- and multi-cloud environments have become the standard for many enterprises. Compared to traditional hosting, the cloud offers a host of benefits—but also brings its own set of challenges.

Enterprises need powerful, resilient cloud infrastructure that doesn’t rack up huge annual costs or compromise the security and privacy of customer data. They also need the flexibility to scale cloud systems on-demand and guaranteed high availability to support continuous operations.

Typically, achieving these objectives has required a tradeoff. To ensure high performance, security, and uptime, enterprises had to compromise on cost.What if your enterprise could build powerful, resilient cloud systems and reduce the total cost of ownership?

Circle B Helps Your Enterprise…  

Maximize Performance

Power new and current cloud instances with the world’s most advanced data center hardware.

Inspired by hyperscalers like Facebook and Google, our hardware will run your existing and future workloads seamlessly.
See it in action before you buy at our OCP Experience Center in Amsterdam. Remote and in-person demonstrations available.

Reduce Operating Costs

Our 21” OCP racks and hardware are more efficient than traditional 19” infrastructure, ensuring better energy efficiency, extended hardware lifespan, and lower costs.

OCP hardware improves airflow and simplifies maintenance, providing better energy efficiency, extending hardware lifespan, and reducing costs.

Build Secure, Resilient Cloud Systems

Unlike traditional data center hardware, our servers aren’t ’locked’ to any vendor and don’t include black box firmware. This provides operational freedom and allows security teams to ensure complete system integrity and data privacy from the ground up.

For enterprises hosting data or services across multiple jurisdictions, the control provided by OCP hardware eases the compliance process and helps to protect against cyberattacks.

Maximize Availability

Ensuring the highest possible uptime is essential for enterprise cloud applications.

OCP infrastructure combines the industry’s most powerful hardware with rack design that promotes efficiency and reduces heat. This minimizes the risk of hardware failure and promotes component lifespan, protecting against costly downtime incidents.

Scale Rapidly to Meet Cloud Objectives

OCP hardware’s modular design makes it faster and easier to scale than traditional 19” infrastructure.

Spin up cloud instances, requisition new hardware as needed, and quickly organize, build, and rebuild racks to support your enterprise cloud needs.

Meet Sustainability Targets

Sustainability has become an essential requirement—and sometimes a differentiator—in the enterprise market.

We make more efficient use of white space than other providers, promoting airflow and reducing energy consumption and heat. This ensures a reduced carbon footprint for your enterprise.

Why Choose OCP?  

From 2009, Facebook began developing OCP hardware to help reduce data center costs, boost sustainability, and ensure maximum performance and availability for its huge customer base. By 2011, the project led to new infrastructure that was substantially more energy and cost efficient.
Since then, technology giants like Google, IBM, and Oracle have adopted OCP as their standard data center infrastructure.
Now, your enterprise can enjoy the same cost and performance benefits as the hyperscalers.

With OCP data center hardware, your enterprise can enjoy…

35% better energy efficiency

20% TCO savings

Greater sustainability

Rapid scalability

More efficient maintenance

…while powering your critical workloads with industry-leading data center hardware.

Maximum performance and availability

Total control of every rack

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Flexible Deployment and Reliable Managed Services

Circle B makes the world’s most efficient, innovative, and flexible data center hardware available to SaaS businesses via a full range of purchase, lease, and as-a-Service options.

  • Build to Order

provides a comprehensive colocation service, including workload testing and demonstrations, tailored full-rack architecture design, build, and deployment.

  • Circle B Eclipse

is the only colocation service that makes rack-scale OCP hardware available to the enterprise market on an as-a-Service basis.

  • Channel and Partner Programs

provide European enterprises with on-demand access to OCP hardware. We also offer bespoke loyalty schemes to help control costs.

  • Networking and connectivity

options are available on-demand, so you can connect to others data centers and platforms via a 1-100GbE network connection.

  • Managed services

include fully managed hardware, remote hands, managed VMware and Red Hat instances, extended warranties, and more.

  • Flexible payment options

include a fixed-term lease or lease-to-own arrangement, as well as outright purchase.

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