Designing Revolutionary
IT Infrastructures for you!

Circle B is a Open Compute certified company where we combine human ingenuity, experience and technology innovation to deliver sustained revolutionary services that build trust. It all adds up to a new or improved IT foundation for your Enterprise! 

Circle B – Your key provider in revolutionizing IT infrastructures

As the first European OCP Solution Provider® and service provider, we continuously look at how we can better serve our customers. The digital transformation of your IT foundation begins and ends with the end-user experience. How do you usually take the first step from a wish or problem and strategy to daily operations, from your enterprise to your employees? 

With more than ten years of experience designing, building, and supporting custom-made solutions for data centres, we will provide hardware and custom-made solutions for all enterprises worldwide.

Why Circle B? 

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Access to the latest industry-leading hardware
  • Innovation-driven
  • 20% TCO savings
  • Sustainability is a must
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Tailormade solutions
  • Flexible costs: buy or full operational lease
  • Support model that fits your specific needs
  • Hassle-free: full support


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The Circle B Experience Center:

Our Circle B Experience Center in Amsterdam (Schiphol-Rijk) or remotely from wherever you are.

What does the end-user experience?

Digital transformation of your IT foundation begins and ends with the end-user experience. How do you usually take the first step from a wish or problem and strategy to daily operations, from your enterprise to your employees?

Our Experience Center allows you to experience what an organisational change will mean for your enterprise and help you rapidly gain insight into the next step in your transformation process for a new or updated infrastructure.

More power, less costs 

Our solutions aren’t just about energy efficiency and lower costs. It’s also powerful enough to handle any workload you can throw at it.

Our customers include tech companies with the most intensive workloads you’ll find anywhere and a need to scale at breakneck speed. Our solutions handle it, no problem.

Rapid Scalability

Industries we serve

    Managed Services to Meet Your Needs    

Can’t allocate time and resources to manage your data center infrastructure? Our suite of managed services provides everything you need to get the most from your data center without lifting a finger.

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“During my years as an IT consultant, I have deployed multiple VMware solutions on hardware configurations from vendors like HPe, Dell, IBM, and Fujitsu. However, testing and building a VMware vSAN solution with OCP in the Circle B lab was a unique experience. I was given access to several Tioga Pass models from MiTAC and Wiwynn.”

Harm Veenstra
Technical Consultant at ICT Partners

Tomorrow’s Data Center Hardware, Today

Our data center solutions use hardware designed by Facebook as part of the Open Compute Project (OCP). This technology has been around for 10 years and is used by hyperscalers like Google, Dell, and IBM.

Let your enterprise work on the latest rechnology. Power any workload with the most efficient, scalable, and sustainable hardware on the market—and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

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Knowledge Library – Get yourself up to speed!

Learn more about how OCP can transform the way you handle your data on compute, storage and networking. Solutions are available for all major industries.

Customer success in ADTech

Understand how Circle B solves critical TCO  (Total Cost of Ownership) for SAAS companies that are running heavy performance loads.

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Why OCP is the the choice

Reduces TCO for Cloud Service Providers and enables them to scale up infrastructure, resources and profitability.

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Support VMware Workloads

VMware supported by OCP aids in maximizing server resources, providing environments for multiple workloads and business continuity.

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Redhat Openshift on OCP? No problem!

Your development teams can build applications by deploying containerized instances on OCP hardware using Openshift.

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At Circle B, we have years of experience helping enterprises like yours design, implement, and maintain the latest OCP infrastructure.
If you have questions about our solutions, managed services, or OCP in general, get in touch today to speak with one of our experts.

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