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Circle B is an OCP solution Provider and provides Open Compute Project based infrastructure at rack scale to EMEA customers. This translates to delivering complete turnkey rack solutions to our own or our customers’ data centers. The rack consists of several building block components. To start there is the Open Rack, which together with the power supply, decentralized battrey back up and cabling form the foundation of our solution. High density Compute and Storage arrays fill up the racks as the key building blocks while Networking equipment connects all the systems with the network barebone. All components we provide are fully reviewed and accepted by the Open Compute Project foundation. Of course you are not alone in your journey from a traditional to a more open infrastructure, we are here to accompany you with your transformation into a new revolutionary infrastructure.

MiTAC began developing their first Open Compute Project, Leopard design-based server in 2013. With Tioga Pass, MiTAC’s 2nd Generation Intel based OCP server, they provide significant improvement in power efficiency which is well recognized by world-class telecom companies and the biggest hyperscalers in the world.

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Wiwynn provides the best TCO, workload optimized IT solutions for Data Center. As part of Wistron, Wiwynn has contributed greatly to the Open Compute Project (OCP). They are the manufacturer of Facebook’s Open Compute Server (Leopard & Tioga Pass) and storage (Knox, Lightning, and Bryce Canyon) products, as well as Microsoft’s OCP servers Project Olympus and Open Cloud Server.

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Pluribus Networks enables customers to simplify increasingly complex network operations by modernizing, unifying and automating networking across distributed data center environments – inside the data center or at multiple sites across geographically distributed data centers and Edge locations.

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Our managed solution based on the OpenShift Container platform runs scalable microservices like web servers, databases, and Java applications, so you get:

Faster application development & delivery.

Easy horizontal scaling with new racks.

Out-of-the-box security at every layer.

Reliability & redundancy at all levels.

Boot with FIPS compliant encryption.

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