Vendor Showcase: Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks enables customers to simplify increasingly complex network operations by modernizing, unifying and automating networking across distributed data center environments – inside the data center or at multiple sites across geographically distributed data centers and edge locations. 

Circle B is a Pluribus Networks Gold Partner

Pluribus Networks Software

The Netvisor ONE open networking operating system (NOS) and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric, a controllerless next-generation SDN solution, distribute intelligence and state across every switch in the network. This novel approach to SDN creates a single logical programmable entity featuring multi-tenant, low latency and distributed network services (e.g., network slicing, Edge computing, IOT, and video traffic segmentation, L2VPN/L3VPN across distributed sites, multi-site unification). This dramatically increases oerformance, agility and, resiliency while reducing operating costs and the potential for human error. 

Netvisor ONE Operating System

Pluribus Netvisor ONE is a comprehensive Network Operating System (Network OS) with Best-in-Class Layer 2/3 switching optimized to meet the stringent requirements for distributed enterprise and service provider networks.


Adaptive Cloud Fabric

Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ (ACF) delivers new levels of network underlay and overlay automation, traffic visibility, and network segmentation in an extremely cost-effective solution that works right out of the box.

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UNUM Management Platform

Pluribus UNUM liberates network operators from the complexity of provisioning and operating a complex network, or group of networks, by automating the complete network lifecycle from implementation to operation and optimization, enabling intent-based network operations with vastly reduced deployment times.

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Pluribus Networks Hardware

For organizations looking to realize the operational agility and many benefits of next geenration networking architectures, but prefer not to manage the hardware and software integration efforts, the Pluribus Freedom™ 9000 Series network switches are a fully integrated, turn-key solution that is shipped pre-configured with the Pluribus Netvisor ONE Network Operating System (OS) installed on the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) foundation. 

Freedom 9532L-C

32 QSFP28 FlexPorts support 1x 100/40G, or 4x 25/10G ports




MiTAC E8020-A Capri Advanced Server Chassis

Freedom 9572l-V

48 SFP28 ports each able to support either 1x 25G or 1x 10G (up to 48 total ports) and 6 QSFP28 ports each configurable to support 1x 100G or 1x 40G as uplink ports or 4x 25G or 4x 10G ports

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MiTAC E8020-A Capri Advanced Server Chassis

Freedom 9372-T

48 RJ-45 copper 1/10GBase-T ports and 6 QSPF+ FlexPorts configurable as 1x 40G or 4x 10G



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Freedom 9372-X

48 SFP+ ports of 1/10G and 6 QSFP+ FlexPorts configurable as 1x 40G or 4x 10G


MiTAC E8020-A Capri Advanced Server Chassis

Freedom 9664-C

64 QSFP20 FlexPorts supports 1x 100/40G, 4x 25/10G ports totaling 128 ports


  Build to Order  

When you buy from Circle B, we cover every aspect of your hardware implementation, including:

Workload testing and customer demonstrations

Tailored full-rack architecture design

Hardware building and configuration

Deployment—in your data center or ours

Our managed solution based on the OpenShift Container platform runs scalable microservices like web servers, databases, and Java applications, so you get:

Faster application development & delivery.

Easy horizontal scaling with new racks.

Out-of-the-box security at every layer.

Reliability & redundancy at all levels.

Boot with FIPS compliant encryption.

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