Vendor Showcase: Wiwynn Open Compute Servers

Wiwynn provides best TCO, workload optimized IT solutions for Data Center. As part of Wistron, Wiwynn has contributed greatly to the Open Compute Project (OCP). They are the manufacturer of Facebook’s Open Compute Server (Leopard and Tioga Pass) and storage (Knox, Lightning and Bryce Canyon) products. And also Microsoft OCP servers Project Olympus and Open Cloud Server. Wiwynn Cluster Manager adds real-time management of data centers and large resources, and can also be used for managing Intel RSD (Rack Scale Design)

Circle B is the Wiwynn Partner for Europe.

When OCP was first established, Wiwynn set out to join its data center revolution. Wiwynn recognized OCP’s concept to bring higher value for cloud services and data centers, so we actively addressed the needs of the data centers and insisted in investing in our own R & D. Wiwynn developed everything in-house, including function planning, product design, manufacturing, assembly and verification.

Compute (Facebook Tioga Pass motherboard v4.0) – Wiwynn SV7220G3


Similar as SV7220G3-S but with room for two 2.5″ SSDs, two half-height x16 PCIe slots and one x16 OCP Mezzanine slot, the -P has room for six 2.5″ SSDs


MiTAC E8020-A Capri Advanced Server Chassis


Features dual Intel® Xeon® scalable processors (Codename Skylake) series with DDR4 support, single 3.5″ HDD and two full-height x16 PCIe slots and one x16 OCP Mezzanine slot for use with Open Rack v2 Cubby.

GEEKBENCH TESTS: <Dual 6230R> <Dual 6230> <Dual 6242> <Dual 5218>

Storage (Facebook Knox, Lightning and Bryce Canyon)


4U72BAY External Storage and Storage Server


MiTAC E8020-A Capri Advanced Server Chassis


2OU All-Flash NVMe JBOF storage unit with two storage trays offering thirty U.2 hot-plug drive bays (fifteen per tray) or drives with M.2 carrier.


All of the above mentioned Wiwynn products are allowed to carry the OCP Accepted recognition, comply 100% with an OCP accepted specification and the design files are open sourced and available.

  Build to Order  

When you buy from Circle B, we cover every aspect of your hardware implementation, including:

Workload testing and customer demonstrations

Tailored full-rack architecture design

Hardware building and configuration

Deployment—in your data center or ours

Our managed solution based on the OpenShift Container platform runs scalable microservices like web servers, databases, and Java applications, so you get:

Faster application development & delivery.

Easy horizontal scaling with new racks.

Out-of-the-box security at every layer.

Reliability & redundancy at all levels.

Boot with FIPS compliant encryption.

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