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Learn more about how Circle b and OCP can help your enterprise achieve its objectives while cutting costs and boosting sustainability.

Take a deep dive into Open Compute  

Learn more about how OCP can transform the way you handle your data on compute, storage and networking. Solutions are available for all major industries read more below.

Customer Success in ADTech

Understand how Circle B solves critical TCO for SAAS companies who are running heavy performance – based workloads.

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Why OCP is should be the choice for Cloud Service Providers

OCP hardware reduces TCO for Cloud Service Providers and enables them to scale up infrastructure, resources and profitability.

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Support your VMware Workloads

VMware supported by OCP aids in maximizing your server resources, providing environments for multiple workloads and ensuring your business continuity.

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Redhat Openshift on OCP? No problem

Understand how large development teams can build applications by deploying containerized instances on OCP hardware using Openshift.

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