Empowering SaaS Providers: Circle B’s Cutting-Edge Infrastructure Solutions

Welcome to Circle B, where we offer high-performance and scalable data center infrastructure tailored specifically for modern SaaS providers. With relentless growth in user bases, SaaS businesses demand more power, storage, and scalability than ever before. At Circle B, we understand the challenges you face and strive to provide innovative solutions at an unprecedented rate.

Circle B Helps Your SaaS Business…   

Maximize Power & Performance

Run your SaaS solutions on state-of-the-art data center hardware with the flexibility to upgrade as new advancements emerge. Our hardware seamlessly handles your existing and future workloads, and you can witness its performance firsthand at our OCP Experience Center in Amsterdam, either in-person or remotely..

Lower Operating Costs

Our OCP hardware utilizes 21″ racks, providing ample room for cables, simplifying maintenance, and enhancing airflow. This translates to improved energy efficiency, extended hardware lifespan, and ultimately lower operating costs for your SaaS business.

Avoid Cost Spikes

Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP can lead to unexpected cost spikes due to fluctuations in user activity. By hosting your solutions on OCP hardware, you benefit from consistently lower operating costs compared to other hosting options, minimizing the risk of sudden cost spikes.

Deploy & Scale Fast

Our modular OCP hardware enables quick and hassle-free setup and maintenance. Organize, build, and rebuild racks effortlessly to support the growth of your SaaS business while optimizing maintenance costs. With OCP hardware, scaling becomes faster and easier compared to traditional 19″ infrastructure, ensuring your data center keeps up with your expansion.

Ensure Security & Compliance

Our servers eliminate vendor lock-in and black box firmware, granting you full control over your rack’s security from the ground up. Safeguard your data and applications while effortlessly meeting regulatory compliance requirements, even when hosting across multiple jurisdictions.

Invest in Proven, Reliable Hardware

OCP hardware has been trusted by hyperscalers like Facebook and Google for over a decade, not only for cost reduction but also for its high specifications and scalability. Designed specifically for the needs of hyperscale SaaS providers, OCP racks minimize heat and optimize airflow, reducing the risk of hardware failure and unplanned outages.

Why Choose OCP?  

Originally developed by Facebook in 2009, OCP hardware revolutionized the industry by controlling costs, reducing energy consumption, and supporting a massive influx of customers and data. Today, leading SaaS giants such as Google, IBM, and Oracle have embraced OCP hardware. Now, Circle B brings hyperscale technology within reach of your SaaS business.

By adopting OCP data center hardware, your SaaS business can enjoy:

  • 35% greater energy efficiency
  • 20% TCO savings
  • Improved sustainability
  • Near-instant scalability
  • Streamlined maintenance
  • Total control of every rack

With OCP data center hardware, your SaaS business can enjoy…  

35% greater energy efficiency

20% TCO savings

Improved sustainability

Near-instant scalability

Faster and easier maintenance

Total control of every rack

…while powering your workloads with state-of-the-art data center hardware.

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Flexible Deployment and Reliable Managed Services

At Circle B, we provide SaaS businesses with the most efficient, innovative, and flexible data center hardware through a comprehensive range of purchase, lease, and as-a-Service options.

  • Build to Order: Experience a seamless implementation journey, including workload testing, personalized full-rack architecture design, build, and deployment.
  • Circle B Eclipse: Exclusively access rack-scale OCP hardware on an as-a-Service basis, empowering your SaaS business with exceptional scalability and flexibility.
  • Channel and Partner Programs: Simplify hardware acquisition through our partner network and enjoy bespoke loyalty schemes designed to help you control costs effectively.
  • Networking and connectivity: Connect effortlessly with existing data centers and platforms via our partner data center’s 1-100GbE network connection options.
  • Managed services: Benefit from fully managed OCP hardware, remote hands support, extended warranties, and more.
  • Flexible payment options: Choose from fixed-term leases, operational lease arrangements, or outright purchases, catering to your financial preferences.

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At Circle B, we have a wealth of experience in assisting enterprises like yours with designing, implementing, and maintaining cutting-edge OCP infrastructure. If you have any questions about our solutions, managed services, or OCP technology in general, our experts are ready to assist you. Get in touch with us today.

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