Circle B for SaaS Providers

High-performance, scalable data center infrastructure for the modern SaaS provider.

SaaS providers have driven data centers forward relentlessly for two decades. To support ever-growing user bases, SaaS providers need more power, storage, and scalability than ever, forcing data center and hardware providers to innovate at an unprecedented rate.
And it’s not just about power. SaaS providers must also maximize availability, performance, and security to acquire and retain customers.
All this innovation comes at a price. Data center hardware is a huge cost center for SaaS businesses. And up to now, costs only went in one direction: up.
What if you could scale the capabilities of your data center hardware and reduce operating costs?

Circle B Helps Your SaaS Business…   

Maximize Power & Performance

Run your SaaS solutions on cutting-edge data center hardware, with the option to upgrade when new hardware is released.

Our hardware will run all your existing and future workloads. You can even see it in action before you buy, either remotely or in-person at our OCP Experience Center in Amsterdam.

Lower Operating Costs

Our OCP hardware uses 21” racks that allow more room for cables, simplify maintenance, and improve airflow.

That means better energy efficiency, extended hardware lifespan, and lower operating costs for your SaaS business.

Avoid Cost Spikes

With cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP, SaaS providers can run into high, unexpected costs due to changes in user activity.

By hosting solutions on OCP hardware, providers can benefit from consistently lower operating costs than other hosting options, and mitigate the danger of sudden cost spikes.

Deploy & Scale Fast

Our modular OCP hardware is easy to set up and maintain. Organize, build, and rebuild racks as needed to support your SaaS business while saving on maintenance costs.

OCP hardware is faster and easier to scale than traditional 19” infrastructure, so your data center won’t hold you back.

Ensure Security & Compliance

Our servers have no vendor lock-in or black box firmware. Get full control of your rack from the ground up, so you can ensure maximum security for your data and applications.

Hosting data or services across multiple jurisdictions? No problem. You have full control and can easily ensure compliance with all your regulatory requirements.

Invest in Proven, Reliable Hardware

Hyperscalers like Facebook and Google have used OCP hardware for a decade because—in addition to reducing costs—it’s high-spec and easy to scale.

OCP hardware is also the most reliable data center hardware available, designed specifically for the needs of hyperscale SaaS providers. By reducing heat and improving airflow, OCP racks protect hardware from early failure, reducing the risk of unplanned outages.

Why Choose OCP?  

OCP hardware was developed by Facebook starting in 2009 to help control costs, reduce energy consumption, and support a massive influx of customers and data. The project was a huge success. The new infrastructure was drastically more energy and cost-efficient to build and run.

Since then, SaaS giants like Google, IBM, and Oracle have jumped on board.

Now, Circle B makes hyperscale technology available to your SaaS business.

With OCP data center hardware, your SaaS business can enjoy…  

35% greater energy efficiency

20% TCO savings

Improved sustainability

Near-instant scalability

Faster and easier maintenance

Total control of every rack

…while powering your workloads with state-of-the-art data center hardware.

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Flexible Deployment and Reliable Managed Services

Circle B makes the world’s most efficient, innovative, and flexible data center hardware available to SaaS businesses via a full range of purchase, lease, and as-a-Service options.

  • Build to Order

covers every implementation stage, including workload testing, tailored full-rack architecture design, build, and deployment.

  • Circle B Eclipse

exclusively makes rack-scale OCP hardware available to SaaS businesses on an as-a-Service basis.

  • Channel and Partner Programs

provide easy access to hardware and components. Need a regular stream of hardware? We offer bespoke loyalty schemes to help you control costs.

  • Networking and connectivity

options in our partner data center make it easy to connect to existing data centers and platforms via a 1-100GbE network connection.

  • Managed services

include fully managed OCP hardware, remote hands, extended warranties, and more.

  • Flexible payment options

include fixed-term lease and operational lease arrangements, as well as outright purchase.

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