Circle B for Telecommunications Providers

Hyperscale inspired telco solutions for the Edge and central data centers.

Telecommunications are evolving, and providers must innovate to stay ahead. The demand for 5G and Edge computing is changing the industry at an unprecedented rate, and telcos are working at breakneck speed to help customers leverage these cutting-edge technologies.
As customers increasingly demand cloud-based solutions, reduced latency, and 5G compatibility, telcos need more compute power than ever before. They also need to bring compute resources closer to the customer to ensure fast, seamless service for IoT, OT, and smart device infrastructure.
Critically, telcos need to do this while maintaining complete security and transparency, capitalizing on the latest technologies to serve new and existing markets while protecting customer data.

OCP for the Edge

Circle B brings the latest Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware to the European market, equipping telcos with everything they need to capitalize on 5G and Edge technologies.

Based on Nokia-designed hardware, Circle B empowers telcos with the most powerful Edge solutions on the market. OpenEdge hardware is proven to boost speed and security, and reduce energy and maintenance costs—while delivering the services customers need to compete.

Deliver Powerful Edge & 5G Solutions

Collect data from IoT/OT devices at lightning speed, powered by Wiwynn EP100-1S servers. Support the latest use cases in manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, and more.

Our Edge solutions use proprietary software to store all data points from connected machines while maintaining security and integrity.

Slash Operating Costs

Multi-node Edge servers are small and powerful. Their modular, toolless design provides total flexibility, simplifies maintenance, and allows rapid rack changes to support business needs.

Best of all, OCP hardware allows more room for cables and improves airflow. This improves energy efficiency, extends hardware lifespan, and lowers costs for your organization.

Total Security & Compliance Control

Our OpenEdge servers aren’t vendor-locked and come free from black box firmware. That means you get full control of your servers from the ground up, so you can maintain the security, privacy, and integrity of customer data.

Deploy & Scale Fast

Our modular OpenEdge hardware is fast and simple to deploy and maintain. Organize, build, and rebuild racks to support customer needs while saving on maintenance costs.

Meet Sustainability Targets

Circle B’s white space design promotes airflow, reducing heat and energy use. That means a reduced carbon footprint for your organization, helping you hit ambitious sustainability goals.

Power Edge Solutions with Proven Hardware

Telco leaders are already on board with OCP and enjoying the cost, performance, and maintenance benefits. Now, this proven hardware is available to your organization.

OCP for Telco Data Centers

It’s not all about the Edge. Modern telcos still rely on central data centers to support critical customer needs—and they need potent, secure, efficient hardware to power them.

OCP hardware was developed by Facebook starting in 2009 to cut energy consumption and costs, and support its massive customer base. The project developed new infrastructure that was drastically more energy and cost-efficient to build and run than legacy hardware.

SaaS giants like Google and IBM quickly jumped on board—along with telco leaders like Nokia.

Circle B makes this hyperscale technology available to your organization.

With OCP data center hardware, you can enjoy…  

35% greater energy efficiency

20% TCO savings

Improved sustainability

Near-instant scalability

Faster and easier maintenance

Total control of every rack

…while powering your workloads with industry-leading hardware.

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Flexible Purchase and Deployment Options

Circle B makes the world’s leading Edge and data center hardware available to your telco via a full range of purchase, lease, and as-a-Service options.

  • Build to Order

covers every implementation stage, including workload testing, tailored full-rack architecture design, build, and deployment—in your data center or ours.

  • Circle B Eclipse

is the only solution that makes rack-scale OCP Edge and data center hardware available on an as-a-Service basis.

  • Channel and Partner Programs

ensure fast, easy access to OCP hardware and components. Circle B also offers custom loyalty schemes to help you control costs.

  • Networking and connectivity

in our partner data center make it easy to connect Edge deployments to other data centers and cloud solutions via a 1-100GbE network connection.

  • Managed services

provide fully managed OCP hardware, remote hands, extended warranties, and OpenEdge deployments at our partner data center in Amsterdam.

  • Flexible payment options

include fixed-term lease and operational lease arrangements, as well as outright purchase.

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